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Laser Teeth Whitening

Does Laser Teeth Whitening Have Any Side Effects?

Teeth whitening is a great cosmetic option for patients that want a beautiful white smile. Teeth whitening builds confidence and choosing the right method is important. Laser teeth whitening treatment is the latest technology available, and can brighten your teeth many shades lighter. Our doctors have years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, and can help

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Dental Bridge

What Does Gum Pain Around a Dental Bridge Suggest?

If you have pain in the gum area around a dental bridge, it may be time to see your dentist. There are several things that can cause pain around a dental bridge, and it is important to make an appointment right away. At Omni Dental Care, we offer a flexible schedule and extended hours to

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Tooth Infection

How Long Does It Take For a Tooth Infection to Spread?

Infections can be serious, and it is always important for patients to know when to call their dentist. Infections should always be treated right away to avoid complications, or other issues from developing. If you have a toothache and throbbing pain that does not go away, the infection could spread to other places in the

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Do Veneers Make Teeth Look Bigger?

Beautiful smiles are the first thing you see, and give a great first impression. Many people feel uncomfortable around others because their teeth are misshapen, uneven, or very small. Veneers can help even out a smile, lengthen teeth, and correct chips or cracks. Omni Dental provides many cosmetic services for our patients. Dr. Borshch has

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Are Veneers Worth the Cost?

If you are unhappy with your smile, or have chipped, stained, or uneven teeth, veneers may be your solution. Dental veneers are made out of a tooth-colored material and are used to cover the front surface of teeth. Veneers improve a patient’s appearance, and can quickly restore your smile. Omni Dental Care offers many cosmetic

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What Are My Options to Straighten My Teeth Before My Wedding?

Planning for your big day can be stressful, and making sure you are ready and looking your best is important. If you are unhappy with your smile, and would like to straighten your teeth before your big day, Omni Dental Care can help. Dr. Borshch and Dr. Krinker have years of experience in cosmetic dentistry,

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Where Can a Couple Get a Smile Makeover Before the Wedding?

Are you looking to enhance or correct your smile with a smile makeover before your big event? Omni Dental offers smile makeovers for patients looking for that perfect smile. Dr. Borshch has years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, and has completed over one thousand smile makeovers. His skill, attention to detail, and ability to take

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Help! How Can I Close Gaps Between My Teeth Before My Wedding?

If you are getting ready for that important day, we want you to have the confidence to show off your smile. Getting married is a big event, and at Omni Dental Care, we want you to look your best. We offer many cosmetic services that are specifically geared towards brides that would like last minute

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Tooth Sensitivity

Is Tooth Sensitivity Permanently Curable?

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, and many patients encounter pain or discomfort when they eat certain foods that are hot or cold. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, around 40 million adults suffer from sensitivity. Usually, the pain is temporary and can be treated to improve, but not cure the condition. At Omni

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