<b>What’s a Dental Crown?</b>
A dental crown is a type of restoration that is meant to easily and quickly cover a damaged tooth. The tooth might have broken or became compromised in another way. Fortunately, we are able to easily and quickly provide you with care in the office as needed. We offer ceramic, porcelain and even CEREC same-day crowns here at Omni Dental Care.

<b>Why would a Dental Crown be needed?</b>
The main reason a person would require a new crown is because a tooth has become damaged. This might have occurred as a result of decay, breaking the tooth or having had a root canal performed. It is important to cover the tooth to restore it to its full size. Not only will this improve your appearance, but it’ll make eating and chewing a lot easier. You will find that your new dental crown has the ability to last for many years.

<b>Who is a candidate for a Dental Crown?</b>
Dr. Oleg will examine your teeth prior to suggesting a crown. The crown that is needed will be placed at your own convenience when most needed. From there, we will prepare the tooth for the crown so that it sits firmly in place. Most people who require a new crown can have the restoration both made and placed to improve their overall oral health.

<b>What happens during the Dental Crown procedure?</b>
The doctor first preps the tooth to have the crown placed. This involves filing it down completely to a small nub or seat. Impressions are taken and then used to make the brand new crown just for you. You will come back in for a second visit so that we can place the actual crown. You will find that the new crown is able to last for many years before it’ll need to be replaced. You can care for it as you would any other teeth.

If you believe that you need a new dental crown, call the office today and we can get you in as soon as possible.