Dental Emergencies

What’s a Dental Emergency?

An emergency can occur at virtually any time and for a number of different reasons. Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing an emergency, you’ll likely be in a lot of pain and dealing with severe discomfort. For this reason, we here at Omni Dental Care offer treatment and care to patients of all ages. Regardless of whether or not you’re a current patient, we welcome you into the office.

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Why would someone need treatment of an Emergency?

The reason a person will need treatment for an emergency is because they are in pain or dealing with severe discomfort. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get on with life because of this pain. This is why we recommend that you come back in for treatment as soon as you notice there’s an issue. Likewise, many emergencies and problems will worsen over time without the proper treatment.

We LOVE Omni Dental. We live in NJ and will travel close to 2 hours every six months with my husband and 3 boys. service and professionalism is unmatched. Very informative and attentive to all patients. The best by far!
Mo Bay

Who is the right candidate for Emergency treatment?

The right candidate for emergency treatment is anyone who is dealing with a problem. Rather than try to handle the pain on your own, we recommend coming in for care as soon as possible. This will ensure that you are able to get on with life without the pain and discomfort that comes with emergencies and other dental problems. Care is specific to the person coming into the office.

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What happens during the Emergency treatment process?

The emergency treatment process always starts with a consultation, exam and x-rays. We do this to see the problem that is occurring and to figure out the best way to go about handling the situation. You will be able to have treatment administered as soon as possible in the office. If you have an infection, we will advise that you take antibiotics to clear the infection before we actually provide you with any type of treatment. This can help in terms of dental care that is necessary right away.

If you believe that you need treatment for an emergency, call us today and we will get you in for an appointment as soon as possible.