Dental Fillings

What’s a Dental Filling?

A filling is a restoration that is often placed in a tooth that has either a small or large cavity. The cavity can become larger over time without the proper treatment. For this reason, we here at Omni Dental Care recommend that a tooth-colored resin filling be used. The filling is designed to help improve your smile and get you feeling better about your appearance.

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Why would someone need a Dental Filling?

The reason a patient would benefit from a filling is because of tooth decay. Decay is a real problem that can be an issue for patients of all ages. Unfortunately, tooth decay can and will get worse if it’s not treated properly. For this reason, we recommend that you come in to have a brand new filling placed. The filling is placed into the small hole that is left behind once the decay has been removed.

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Who is the right candidate for a Dental Filling?

In many cases, patients won’t even know that they have a cavity unless they come in for an exam. Dr. Oleg will examine your teeth using special instruments. X-rays can alert us if there is a cavity present as well. You should consider treatment as soon as you’re told you have a cavity, as this helps to prevent it from worsening.

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What happens during the Filling procedure?

Anesthetic is administered to numb the gums before treatment begins. The doctor then removes the actual decay from the tooth and then places the filling. The resin material is packed into the tooth completely and cured with a dental light. The new filling will last for up to a decade. After this time, the resin may crack or begin to degrade. You should have the material replaced as soon as you notice it is not holding up the way that it should. We can replace older fillings in our office easily as well.

If you need a new filling, call us now and one of our helpful and professional team members can help answer your questions.