<b>What’s a Dental X-ray?</b>
A dental x-ray is an important tool that we use in the office to help detect a number of different oral health problems. X-rays allow us to see things that would otherwise go missed with a dental exam. These include infections, bone loss, cavities and impacted teeth. At Omni Dental Care, we always use the best technology available to take patients’ x-rays.

<b>Why would you need a Dental X-ray?</b>
There are many different things that we can see on an x-ray that would go unnoticed with a normal exam. If you do not have regular x-rays taken, these problems can and will get worse over time. This is why we recommend having these x-rays taken often. They are safe and can be beneficial for patients of all ages in need of this quality care.

<b>Who is a candidate for a Dental X-ray?</b>
The reason you might benefit from an x-ray is because you need to come in for a regular appointment or you have an emergency. Most patients are good candidates to have x-rays taken. The technology that we use in the office is state-of-the-art and uses a minimal amount of radiation. This ensures a clear image without the need for a massive amount of radiation to be used to achieve it.

<b>What happens during the Dental X-ray process?</b>
One of our dental experts will start by placing a lead apron over the body. A small dental film is placed in the mouth behind several teeth. The machine is aimed at this area and the x-ray is taken. The film is then changed and moved to a different area of the mouth. The process is very quick and we do our best to make it as comfortable as possible for you. You should consider having dental x-rays taken at the majority of your appointments when coming into the office with us for treatment.

If you think you need to have new x-rays taken, call the office today so that we can get you in for a convenient appointment.