<b>What is Laser Dentistry?</b>
Lasers have been used in the dental field for many years. They allow us to power through soft and hard tissue to help treat multiple conditions. At Omni Dental Care, we offer laser dental treatment in a way that is comfortable for our patients. Patients who are typically afraid of typical drills will benefit from this option.

<b>Why would Laser Dentistry be needed?</b>
First, lasers allow us to provide treatment with little to no anesthetic. This eliminates the need for needles during your appointment. Secondly, these lasers are great for people who have anxiety over the traditional dental drill. There are no sounds or vibrations that come from the laser while it is in use.

<b>What can benefit from Laser Dentistry?</b>
Lasers can be used to treat a number of different dental conditions. We can use the laser to get rid of decay in one or more teeth. The laser can be used to treat gum disease and other types of lesions. We will examine your teeth thoroughly to see if and when lasers should be used for your own care.

<b>What can you expect throughout the Laser Dentistry process?</b>
The first step is for us to prepare the area for laser treatment. Most of our patients will not even need to have anesthetic, which can eliminate the need for needles. We then use the laser to help power away hard or soft tissue as needed. The laser is painless and is very comfortable for people who are otherwise nervous when the dental drill is being used. We then perform the procedure as necessary, using the laser in place of the drill while you are in the office. We will work to get the work done quickly and easily, which can help you to feel confident about what is necessary. We feel confident that you will benefit from laser treatment in place of a traditional drill.

If you’d like to learn more about how laser technology works, call the office today to come in for a convenient appointment.