Partials and Complete Dentures

What’s a Partial or Complete Denture?

 A partial or complete denture will help to enhance your smile and fill in areas where you’re currently missing teeth. Both of these prosthetic options are ideal for patients of all ages. They typically last for up to 10 years before the appliance will need to be replaced. At Omni Dental Care, we offer this care in a relaxed and professional setting.

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Why would a Partial or Complete Denture be needed?

The main reason for requiring any type of prosthetic appliance is to replace missing teeth. The teeth are often missing due to having been extracted or being loose because of gum disease. Regardless of the reason for the teeth falling out, it is important that a denture be made. These dentures are essential for just about anyone who would like to enhance their smile. 

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Who is the right candidate for a Partial or Complete Denture?

The best candidate for this prosthetic appliance is someone who needs to replace more than just a few teeth. Dr. Oleg will examine your teeth and gums to determine if this option is right for you. If you do need a denture, one can be made easily for you in the office. 

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What happens during the Partial or Complete Denture process?

The first step to making this type of prosthetic appliance is to take impressions. The impressions are sent off to a local lab where a professional tech makes the actual denture for you. This is done easily and quickly, and the denture is then sent back to us once it’s complete. You will then come into the office to have the denture fitted. This denture will be adjusted as needed, and we will provide you with careful instructions on how to take care of the new denture once you get it home. It is important that the denture be removed each night so that it can be cleaned.
If you believe that you need a denture, call us now so that one of our friendly team members can be of further help to you.