<b>What is a Root Planing and Scaling?</b>
If you currently have gum disease, it is important that you treat it in a way so that it does not get worse. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for gum disease, though it can be treated using deeper cleanings. These cleanings, known as root planing and scalings, are incredibly beneficial to overall oral health. They help to rid the gum areas of debris and tartar that you won’t be able to remove on your own.

<b>Why would someone need a Root Planing and Scaling?</b>
The main reason a patient would require a root planing and scaling is because they have some level of gum disease. The gum disease can worsen over time if it’s not treated properly. However, the best way to go about treating it is with professional dental cleanings in the office. This procedure is sometimes referred to by our patients as a deep cleaning because it uses the same tools and concept.

<b>Who is the right candidate for a Root Planing and Scaling?</b>
The best candidate for one of these deep professional cleanings is someone who has gum disease. If you don’t treat the gum disease properly, it will eventually get worse. When this happens, you can expect that you will deal with both tooth and bone loss as a result of the condition. It is best to come in so that we can examine your gums to determine if disease is present.

<b>What happens during a Root Planing and Scaling?</b>
The first step will include anesthetic, since this is important for numbing the gums while they are being cleaned. The hygienist will then use their special tools to remove all debris from both above the gums and then below the gum line. The gums are completely rinsed with a special solution and you’ll have your teeth polished and flossed. The entire procedure takes roughly an hour in the office, and you’ll need to come in for a second visit.

If you think you would benefit from a root planing and scaling, call the office today and we will be more than happy to get you in for an appointment.