Style Italiano Dentistry™

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“What is Style Italiano Dentistry™?

Style Italiano Dentistry™ is the new, world famous, and exclusive direction in dentistry founded in Milan, Italy by Dr. W. Devoto and Dr. A. Putignano. Style Italiano Dentistry™ elevates cosmetic dentistry to the level of true art, making it possible to create an unbelievably natural looking smile. Dr. Oleg Borshch and Dr. Diana Krinker have completed extensive training in Style Italiano Dentistry™ in Milan with Dr.’s. Devoto and Putignano, and now our dental office in Brooklyn, NY is one of the very few in the country that provides this unique cosmetic dentistry service to our patients.

Why Style Italiano Dentistry™ needed?

Very simple – if you would like to have a smile makeover, but are concerned that your new smile may look artificial or fake, you need Style Italiano Dentistry™, which will make your new smile perfectly natural looking! These new cosmetic techniques can give you amazingly beautiful results that look so natural that nobody would even think that you had any work done on your teeth! Call us at our office in Brooklyn, NY to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation with Dr. Oleg Borshch today!
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