Wisdom Teeth Removal

What’s Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Wisdom tooth removal involves taking out the third molars permanently. This will help to prevent many dental problems from occurring as a result of leaving them in place. Unfortunately, your wisdom teeth may become stuck underneath the gums, causing them to become impacted. The best way for us to prevent this from becoming an issue is to remove them.

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Why would someone need to have their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The reason you need to have your wisdom teeth removed is because leaving them in can cause more problems than it’s worth. For example, you might find that they begin to cause gum swelling and infections. In severe cases, the third molars can even press up against the surrounding teeth, causing both damage and overcrowding. At Omni Dental Care, we can provide you with this procedure in a quick and comfortable manner.

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Who is a candidate for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

The best candidate for wisdom tooth removal is someone who has impacted third molars. Rather than try to deal with the discomfort and pain, we recommend coming into our office and beginning the care that is needed. You will be amazed at how quickly this work can be done and how it’ll benefit your entire oral health.

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What happens during the Wisdom Tooth Removal process?

The first step is to provide you with sedation. This will help to make the procedure a lot more comfortable for you. The next step is for the doctor to carefully and thoroughly remove each wisdom tooth one by one. This is done by making an incision through the gums and then removing the underlying tooth. It is important that you follow all aftercare instructions so that we can be sure the gums are healing properly. This will be important when you leave the office and return home after having this particular type of oral surgery done for yourself.

If you believe you might need to have wisdom teeth removed, call our office today and we can get you in for a convenient appointment.